Our Family at Omatako Hunting Trails

For the past 24 years, your hosts Johan and Elfie Kotze, owners of Omatako Hunting trails, have been personally involved in supervising and running an operation that is extremely close to them. Born Namibians and raised on farms, their love for wildlife and hunting allowed them to move from cattle farming to wildlife, which became their passion.

In 2007 they were fortunate enough to be joined by their son, Johan Jnr, as a professional hunter after completion of his studies. In 2012 he got married to Geraldine, an addition that made Omatako a complete family business.

From a small beginning with mostly German clients, Omatako moved on to become one of the most successful Namibian hunting operations, receiving clients from all over the world. We believe that hunting is a tool of conservation, where old mature animals need to be removed. We follow ethical and sportsman-like hunting methods where all hunting is done on foot, thereby giving our clients the ultimate intimate contact with wildlife.

Hunting and wildlife is a passion for everyone on Omatako.

Rest assured that the whole team of Omatako Hunting trails will not only make your stay a memorable one, but the trip of a lifetime!