Bow Hunting in Namibia

Omatako Hunting Trails not only specializes in Rifle Hunting but also in Bow Hunting. Proud to offer the dedicated bow hunter some of the best bow hunting experience that Africa and Namibia has to offer.

Special management and strategic placement of blinds ensure the best chance for the trophies of a lifetime.
An abundance of game combined with the large variety of game species, will give every bow hunter more bow hunting opportunities than ever before. Namibia is truly a bow hunter’s paradise.

We have more than 15 permanent blinds. Most of our blinds are pit blinds, small houses constructed into the ground. They are very roomy inside, easily fit 3 people. You shoot through vertical slats in the front of the blind and also have smaller holes if you want to make a video. These blinds are very dark inside so you are concealed. With soft blankets on floors, animals won’t hear your steps. We also use pop up ground blinds.

Most of your shots will be 20 yards or less. It doesn’t always work that way, and longer shots are taken, but typically, 20 yards or less is the normal shot.

Best time to bow hunt in Namibia is between May 1st and November 30th. This is late fall, winter and early spring for us so our weather is quite nice. By this time, all of the small, scattered water holes have dried up so animals come to water daily. Because moonlight effects the movement of animals at night it is thought best for bow hunters to book at dark moon.


Hunting Areas

Hunting is done in the central and northwestern parts of Namibia, 90 minutes drive north of the capital city, Windhoek. Omatako, the main hunting area (16 000 ha or 40 000 acres), is part of the Ombotozu conservancy, which spans more than 800 000 acres. Most of the hunting is done on Omatako, which has 33 game species available for hunting. Depending on the circumstances, one can also hunt in the conservancy with permission of the owner. Guests have the option to hunt in a low fenced area, which is a 15 min drive from Omatako Hunting Trails. The hunting area totals 20 000 ha or +/- 50 000 acres.

The advantage of hunting with Omatako is that one saves a lot of time traveling between hunting areas and of course you’re not restricted to hunting quotas. On the hunt you will be guided by a team of PH’s, which includes me and Johan Jr. If more PH’s are required we make use of a freelance PH who is familiar with the area to be hunted.

Our hunting season officially starts on the 1st of February until the end of November, for rifle hunting.

Namibia is one of the only countries in Africa that has a medal and minimum scoring system. That protects the hunter from shooting animals that does not make the minimum score, which could not be exported. Also to show the hunter how good his trophy is. Here on Omatako Hunting Trails you can expect to shoot 90% gold medal trophies. We also pride ourselves in top game genetics, with a number of Trophies in the Namibia Top 10.