Jerry Nighswander



Elfie/Johan/Johan Jr./Geraldine –

It doesn’t seem as though it has been a year since I was there at your ranch. The hunting trip to Omatako Hunting Trails was one of the highlights of my life. It was such a wonderful experience and made all that much better by your wonderful hospitality. I have been in a number of very nice top tier hunting lodges and camps here in the states and none compares to Omatako. The accommodations and food were five star, the staff was wonderful, the professional hunters were the very best, and your special care and hospitality made me feel like I was staying with family. You set a very high bar for any other Safari Outfitter to aspire to. I cannot say enough good things about your entire operation. I wish you all the very best and continued success in your endeavors.

Cosme Lozano



Johan, Johan Jnr, Elfie, Geraldine:

I want to thank you for all your care and how kindly we were treated in Omatako , spent 17 unforgettable days really very good hunting animals and living with you like old friends.

Johan: Thank you for everything, enjoyed a Grand Hunt, and Congratulations, you have a Great Family. And excellent facilities.

Johan Jnr: It was nice living Hunting 2 weeks, you’re an excellent hunter and guide, I learned several tips Hunting was a pleasure and a privilege to be my guide .

Elfie: You made us feel at family, at home, Thanks and Congratulations for the excellent food and service. (Miss the cooky and freshly baked bread every day).

Geraldine: Excellent trip to Etosha Park, Many Thanks.

My Trip to AFRICA had 2 goals; Hunt and live together with my son Andrew, he marry within 2 months(Oct.)
As Hunter is widely met my expectations, hunt excellent animals; 11 with Bow and 14 with Rifle, As Father-Son and spend some unforgettable days with my son Andrew(at home; for our work, never dedicated so much time) and in Omatako spent 14 hours for day together; enjoying the search, strategy, approaches to the animals, the excitement of shooting, sometimes nervousness when the animal no collapsed right there and taste and celebration when the infallible dog Emoand Our Great Guide, recuperated the animal.

In summary: In addition to the excellent quality of the animals we hunt, I and my Son return with unforgettable memories and especially with excellent Family living together.
You remember having a friend that appreciates and recommend in Monterrey, Mexico and when they require a recommendation gladly tell you the truth:

Gerd Blank



Omatako Hunting Trails is a very special Place for me and i enjoy every stay there. When i thinks of Omatako, i think of wild animals, my exciting hunting experiences, the fantastic atmosphere, a unique hospitality and the lovely family Kotze.

Every stay in Omatako is a great experience and a big adventure for me.

Gary Dillahunty



10 Star operation, Quality of Game is great, Quality of your PH and tractors are out of this world, Quality of the ranch is out of this world. I can’t say enough good about my first two hunts with Omatako ranch and other than that I can’t wait to go back in 2015.

Fabrice Gaillard



My Omatako hunting trips remain unforgettable for me.
Kindness, service, quality very welcoming family Kotze and the beauty of the lodge and scenery make this place a paradise.
The quality of the hunt is excellent with a large variety trophies, the guides have great knowledges and are very friendly.

The evenings around the fire talking about our hunts are magical
I already look forward to participate again in a hunt with Johan Jr. very fun …

Ivica Katavić



Dragi prijatelji!

Nakon povratka s Omatako, još smo uvijek puni emocija. Hvala vam na tome. Elfi, Geraldine, Johan i Johan jr. kao i kod prva dva posjeta pokazali ste se kao pravi prijatelji. Vrijeme provedeno na vašoj prekrasnoj farmi, provedeno s pravim prijateljima, ostati će zauvijek u našim mislima. Sve je bilo sjajno, od smještaja (Geraldine hvala), hrane (Elfi hvala), lova (Johan i Johan jr hvala). Siguran sam da ovaj treći posjet nije bio i posljednji.

David & Cathy Krebes



The animals, accommodations, and service were beyond our expectations. The Kotze Family are excellent hosts and now considered friends. Thanks for a great first safari experience.

Tibor Paulovic



My first African safari took place at Omatako Ranch in Namibia in June 2001 and it was the whole life experience that I will never forget. The nature there is fantastic, people are incredibly friendly and the hunt is at the very high quality. Two weeks after returning back home my dreams were full of great adventures I had there. I told to myself I definitely have to come back to Omatako again. After next 10 years of traveling for hunts around the world I decided to come back to Omatako and try to hunt the Leopard in Namibia despite of the fact I already shot Leopard in Zambia. So in 2011 I appeared again at the Omatako Ranch. It was nice to see how much the ranch progressed and I had wonderful time there with Johan Kotze Jr. that I will never forget. After 7 days of hunting we shot the Leopard male and I could return home very confident and happy. After coming back home I inspired my good friend Martin Ranusa to hunt the Leopard too. So in 2013 I went to Omatako Ranch with him again to succesfully hunt the Leopard male and Plainsgame.

At the Omatako Ranch you can have a wonderful time in African bush with great and very friendly proffesionals. I am really thankfull to the whole team of Omatako Ranch including Elfie, Johan Sr., Johan Jr., Geraldine, all the PHs, trackers, cooks and all the stuff.

Thomas Ehbrecht



Die Jagd auf Omatako Hunting Trails ist einfach familiär und 100 % fair und die Erfolgsquote ist gegeben. In einem traumhaften Ambiente sind die traditionellen Unterkünfte und die Küche.

Ronald Price



My experience with Omatako Ranch began at the SCI Convention in Reno NV where I first met Geraldine and Johan. I was impressed enough to book a safari for 2015 to hunt the Damari Dik-Dik. While hunting in Zambia in the fall of 2014 I unexpectedly finished early. I contacted Geraldine and Johan with the hope of hunting Namibia before leaving Africa. Without hesitation they was able to accommodate my needs. I really appreciated the flexibility and truly believe they understood the savings in time and money this would mean for me despite the short notice. Accommodations at the Omatako Ranch were top notch and among the best I’ve experienced in Africa. I was able to take a nice trophy Dik-Dik and the added bonus of an African Wild Cat. In fact I saw three wild cats!! This is a great hunt destination if you’re looking to hunt these trophies. I also hunted several plains game species and saw good trophies in adequate numbers. An added bonus was daily encounters with the large number of white and black rhino roaming the large ranch. I recommend this hunt without reservation. Thank you Geraldine and Johan for a wonderful hunt experience.

Wieslaw & Grace Klecki



Dear Kotze Family.

Hunting in your ranch was wonderful experience.I came to shoot few animals, and left with 11 beautiful thropies.I loved your hospitality, royal treatment, delicious meals, friendly staff and friendly atmosphere. It was my first hunting in Africa, so without PHs guidance I wouldn’t be able to get those trophies. As you say, people come as hunters and leave as friends. I will come back to Omatako ranch as soon as I can, because there is more animals I want to hunt. Thank You all for great time.