At Omatako Hunting Trails we go one step further…

We are certified to carry out all skinning and dipping of your trophies, cutting out the extra cost for taxidermy.

We guarantee that you will receive your trophies in excellent quality.

Taxidermy & Trophy Shipment @ Omatako
Taxidermy & Trophy Shipment @ Omatako

We are 1 of 2 Namibian hunting farms that are registered with TRACES

What is TRACES (Trade Control and Expert System)?  TRACES is the EU’s electronic Internet related to the trade of animal and animal-origin commodities. Animal by-products must be produced and exported from facilities listed on TRACES to export to the European Union (EU).

For further information on shipping trophies please contact our exporter.


Cellphone: +264 (0)81 240 9578
Fax number: +264 (0)61 21 6027

Or for Taxidermy work in Europe we recommend First Class Trophy.